[Video] Lean Enterprise Institute CEO John Shook visits CI&T HQ


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John Shook who enlightens companies around the world visited CI&T's HQ and CEO Cesar Gon recently.

Here's his comments based on our sharing the vision. You can also check out the lively HQ campus.



As Toyota's first foreign permanent employee, John Shook was a significant contributor to Toyota Production System (TPS) overseas deployment. Lean concept extracted from TPS has influenced many global manufacturing companies in ways such as Kaizen and Kanban.

Lean concept is effective also in the digital age where change of corporate culture is inevitable. (Lean Startup is one example of applying Lean from digital perspective.)

Recently, even in Japan, the importance of agile development is recognized and there are many shifts in development organization and project structure, but it is only effective within the whole corporate activity.

Together with Agile and having the "lean" perspective, we can constantly review our day-to-day work and behavior, including management and leadership, which will eventually expand to changing corporate culture.


CI&T supports Lean Digital Transformation of enterprises around the globe.